Any content: text, products, categories, tags

You can easy to use  Popup Notifications plugin for placing any content that you need such as text, your products, categories and tags. This helps to show your customers whatever you want and be сonfident in the effectivity of your notification.

These features are useful in such cases:

  • If you want to introduce a new product.
  • Use random text.
  • To Introduce discount of some category or tag.
  • Create a special discount on a random product.
  • Promote any product, category, tag.

Follow these steps to create your best popup using these content features to help your customers to track your updates and special events and increase your income:

  1. Move to the Text section and add the text you need to display in the popup.

2.1. Click on Text Rules->Text. Use random text using the delimiter “~” or one by one.

2.2. Click on Text Rules->Product. Select the way of display and category.

2.3. Click on Text Rules->Categories and choose current or other categories to display.

2.4. Click on Text Rules->Tags and choose them from the drop-down list.

  1. Copy the shortcode and add to the text.

  1. Set the rules to display. You can start to display popup any date, time, day, for a new visitor, etc.
  2. Make other settings and save the changes.
  3. Copy the popup shortcode and insert into the post or page.

Popup Notifications plugin will be perfect for any WooCommerce shop, online store, and any website to advertise your products.

Look other WooCommerce Popup features to take advantages of all options and functionality of the plugin. 

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