Easy-to-manage control of user points balance

WooBewoo Points and Rewards is a customer-centric solution that aims to generate customer acquisition as well as increase your online store brand loyalty, customer retention, and conversion rate. Everything is transparent for the user and convenient for the admin. After all, we have made the control of the balance of reward points for both the buyer and the administrator truly efficient and manageable from a single place in the plugin. Thus, the administrator can see the current balance of bonus points, sort and filter users, also add/write off points, block a user, etc. from a single place.
Woocommerce Reward Points
Then see all the changes in a clear history mode.
Bonus System
The buyer of the store sees his balance of bonus points, the current level of the bonus system, the entire history of bonus points transactions, as well as settings in the balance widget, which the administrator can add to any convenient place on the page using a shortcode or WordPress widget.
Widget Balance
The user can click on the balance widget at any time and see all the necessary information about the bonus balance.
Transaction details
Furthermore! When you accrue points manually, for example, by arranging instant or delayed promotions for some condition or for all users, you can notify users about the accrual using Popup or Email mailing, or even both at once.
Popup happy birthday
Check out this documentation article for more details.

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