Give points for a product, or groups created by taxonomies

The Reward Points for WooCommerce plugin helps merchants create a truly effective points-based loyalty program to reward their customers. This loyalty system includes the receipt of Rewards in the form of points for purchases, as well as for actions performed by customers. Subsequently, the client will be able to pay with the received bonus points. The WopBeWoo plugin provides the merchant with many useful features that help him assign rewards for purchases in many ways, without programming knowledge. For example, you can assign for each individual product, or for several products at once, everything in a couple of clicks. At the same time, individual variations may have a different number of reward points.
Woocommerce Reward Points
Sometimes sellers want to assign rewards for products of a certain category, or attribute. We took this into account and made this solution even more functional. Now you can create groups of products that match a certain condition, such as category, attribute, tag, brand, price, discount price. You can create an unlimited number of groups from an unlimited number of related conditions. And also set the priority between groups.
But what if the product and the group that this product belongs to have different rewards? We thought about this point too, and now you can set the priority between the reward set for the product and for the group. And all this in one click.

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