Loyalty Membership Levels

Create unique levels that users can reach for completed actions such as total purchases, registrations, roles, and more, and reward them with a permanent discount.

You can create and manage an unlimited number of user levels, giving your users the constant motivation to buy. Combine several conditions that the user must fulfill in order to reach this level. For example:

  • user roles;
  • count of days since registration;
  • number of purchases;
  • the total amount of purchases.

User Rewards Level

At the same time, as a reward, you can set either a one-time bonus in the form of points, or a permanent discount for users who have reached a particular level.

In turn, in the balance widget, users will always see their current level, as well as the conditions to reach the next level.

User Balance

More design elements for each level can be unique and customizable in a user-friendly interface without programming knowledge.

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