Mobile Friendly

One of the most important things you need to do to grow your site’s viewership is mobile-optimize your website. This simple mobile marketing strategy goes a long way in delivering value to your visitors by providing them with an improved browsing experience.

Currency Switcher is an effective, lightweight and user-friendly WordPress plugin for your shop and worldwide business to show exchange rates between different currencies. From beginners to website developers it’s easy to manage with few clicks.

This plugin is fully responsive and it is compatible with all devices.

The plugin automatically detects the device accessing your website.  It will then automatically display a mobile-optimized version to the user.

With our plugin, you can have two versions of currency switcher, rates and converter for your website ready to go – one for mobile, one for desktops and laptops.

You can choose the devices to display modules: mobile, desktops or both:
display rules

An added bonus is the ability to choose at what size screen your site will be displayed as mobile.

In addition, you are able to change Vertical and Horizontal offset in px and % for module position as for desktop as for mobile.

offset for mobile

This currency converter plugin proves to be a trump card when you want to magnify your sales across different countries.