Shopping cart conversion rate

WooCommerce store owners realize that the customers come from all over the world and prefer to see the price in their native currency.

If you selling products from your USA based online store, the price showed on your website is in $. Customer in France, who wants to buy that product might take a minute to abandon the cart, being not sure if he is able to pay for it in $.

Shopping cart conversion

So, it is wise to use a Currency Switcher Plugin for your WooCommerce store to let your customers see the product price in their own currency.

It is one of the most useful features any WooCommerce store could offer to the visitors. You don’t lose customers just because they don’t have the option to pay in their native currency.

What you achieve using this plugin is Cart conversion. Store conversion rates will be improved up to 30%.

What are the benefits of a Currency Switcher Plugin that can increase the conversion of the website? 

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