Rates, converter, tooltip modes

The Currency Switcher Plugin may be exactly the simple but versatile option for your store. It can help create a great user experience and even drive traffic to your page.
There’s no currency in the world that this Currency Switcher does not support with an exchange. Automatic and Manual Exchange rates are made available to you from reliable servers like Free Converter & Cryptocompare.

The main thing is that plugin provides you with additional modes like Currencies Rate, Converter and Tooltip.

These modes enable the user to display the rate also convert it simultaneously and see the tooltip with a price cost of the product compare to the other currencies.

Currency Rates provides the last exchange rates for all currencies in the list by selected currency.

Currency Converter allows you to convert currencies by exchange rates.

Currency Tooltip mode displays the price cost of a product compared to other currencies.

With a Display Rules option make it easy to place these modes on the pages, product categories and custom post types:

Instantly customize their visual elements from text to the background so it fits seamlessly into your existing theme. If you update your website’s look, the handy preview feature lets you adapt the mode with a few clicks.

Currency Switcher Plugin is used to ease the conversion, get the latest rates and switch the currencies. It gives a lot of settings to customize Currency Switcher in the best way.

This Plugin can be very useful if you are running a Woocommerce website as it will help in the hassle-free transformation of currencies in users’ native currency. Hence, magnifying your sales, increase a shopping cart conversion rate, therefore, making your business grow.