Adding Products to a Table

WooCommerce Product Table is very simple to set up and take just a minute to manage Table Content and Columns.

Before to make Product Table Settings, firstly you need to add products to the table in the Content tab.

The plugin uses the product data already created by WooCommerce itself.

You can add products to WooCommerce manually or add them using a CSV/XML import. Just one click – and all your products uploaded into the table content

Add products to the table:


Select the necessary items and add them to Manage Table Content.

Manage Table Content.

You can select all the products at once or filter them by:

  • category
  • attribute
  • author
  • tag
  • in a table: yes/no

and sort product in order by

  • name
  • SKU
  • price
  • date and other parameters

Searching by keyword is available.

Also, here you can find checkboxes with the following parameters:

  • only current attribute – filter by attribute will display the single attribute exactly matches the search criteria.
  • show variation – display the variation of the variable product separately.

Adding Products to a Table

  • show private – display private products on the list.


One more way to easily add products automatically (pro) by category multiselection – just choose categories from the drop-down list. All the new products you will add to your shop will be automatically added to the table according to the selected category. All the new products you will add to your shop will be automatically added to the table according to the selected category.

Adding Products to a Table

Sort the Added Products

After you have added products, they will appear in the table in the order they were added. But you can sort them manually or by any product parameters.
To do this, go to the Settings / Functions tab and click on the Use pre-sorting checkbox.

Use pre-sort

Now select the Sorting type:

  • Manual . Select Manual option if you want to add a sort by drag-n-drop from the admin table preview to the frontend.

Drag and drop sorting

  • Popularity. 
  • Rating
  • Newness .
  • Price .
  • Random
  • Name .
  • Menu Order.

Now, as you can see in the preview, the products are sorted in ascending order according to the selected parameter . But, if you want to set descending sort according to the selected parameter, click on the Sorting descending checkbox.


Still have questions? Explore our detailed documentation, or contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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