Buy button design

To customize the Buy button Styling, please move to the Settings > Appearance.

Choose your custom styles for button Add to cart. Any settings you leave blank will default.

Button type – text or icon.

If you select the “text” -you can overwrite the default button name, choose font and font size and color, text-shadow (order: color, X, Y, blur)


Or select the icon for the Buy button. The same settings are available for an icon – icon size, color, text-shadow.

Button size – set width and height values in pixels (in that order).

Background type – select the type of button you prefer from the list:

  • none
  • unicolored
  • bicolored
  • simple gradient
  • pyramid gradient

Borders – set button Borders in this order: color, top, right, bottom, left.

Button shadow – set button shadow in this order: color, X, Y, blur, spread.

Padding – set the padding for button content in this order: top, right, bottom, left.


It is possible to place (or duplicate it) under the thumbnail.

To do this, activate the Add cart button checkbox in the Thumbnail column settings.

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