Show variation thumbnails

Would you like your customers can see the preview of each variant of your product?  What can be better to look through the products and find exactly what you need in one table?

Customers need not navigate to the product page to look at additional photos. Just select the attribute and see how the variants look like.


In order to display images for your product variation in Product Table you need:

  1. Add an image for the variation in WooCommerce
    1. Navigate to the Products and create or edit variable product.
    2. Scroll down to the Product data -> Variations
    3. Add imaged to the variations  variation thumbnails
    4. Update/ save the product.
  2. Navigate to the Product table and add variable products:
    1. Search for variable product by Name in the Search box or other parameters
    2. Add variable product
    3. Move to the Settings ->Features and enable Show variation thumbnails  variation thumbnails
  3. Make other settings and Save the table.
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