Stock Status Settings

The Stock Status column will contain either the basic stock status (for example, “In stock” or “Out of stock”) or the exact stock level. This is controlled in the main settings of WooCommerce – WooCommerce> Settings> Products> Inventory. On this page you can indicate whether you want to show the general condition of the product or the exact quantity of the product for each product.

Settings Stock Status Column

Stock Settings


Here you can improve the look of this column for your individual style:

Title.Here you can change the title text of your column ( by default stock status)

Column width. This setting sets the maximum width for the column, but the rest of the table content also affects its width – check how it looks on Preview.

You can also Always Hide the column and choose how it will be displayed on mobile devices. (“Hide on Small Screen” and “Show Only on Small Screen“)

Show Icons.When turned on, the emoticon icon will be displayed

Show Status Text.If you wish, you can hide the product status text.

Show Quanity Items in Stock.Choose whether to display the exact quantity of goods in stock.

Max quantity input. Set the max number of quantity input.

Color if less than. Change color if the quantity of products is less than.

Show variations quantity items in stock. Check the option to display the variation quantity or leave it empty to hide them.

Show attribute names for variations quantity. Enable the option to display the names of the variations.

Style Column Stock

Hide out of stock items

The presence of products in the table of products that are not available in the store can negatively affect the conversion of your store.

To do this, the plugin provides the Hide out of stock items option.

Go to Settings-> Features and enable the option if you do not want to display products that are not in stock in the store in the table.

Hide out of stock items

If you scroll down to the Overwrite Table Text section, you can change the out-of-stock text to your custom one e.g. On the way, etc.

Stock status

How to change the stock status of the product?

You can do this in the product settings in the Inventory section.
The inventory section gives you the ability to manage stocks individually and determine whether to allow reverse orders and more. It allows you to sell products, and customers add them to the cart for purchase.

You can select “Enable Product Level Inventory Management” in the goods inventory settings. If you do not select then in the “Inventory” section only the “Inventory Management” option will be displayed.

When inventory management at the product level is disabled, you must manually update the Balance Status.


Management at Product Level

If Stock Management at the Product level is turned on, the following options are available: enter the quantity of inventory, after which WooCommerce will automatically manage inventory and update inventory status: is in stock, is out of stock, or is pre-order of goods. Choose whether to enable pre-order.


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