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Do you want your tables to be more attractive and satisfy even the most demanding customers.? In the WooCommerce product table, you can add a Thumbnail Column. Fill in the table with images of products and select the desired size of thumbnails

How to display Thumbnail Column in WooCommerce Product Table?


Thumbnail Size

The Thumbnail size option controls the size of the Thumbnail column if you have included this column in your Product Table.

To configure it, go to Settings-> Appearance and select the desired Thumbnail size.

The default Thumbnail size is 150×150. You can use any standard image size (e.g. thumbnail, medium, large, etc), or one or two numbers to denote the width and height for the image.


For example, here we tried 150×150, 250×250 and 300×300 Thumbnail size.

Size thumbnail example

Responsive mod Thumnbnail Size

You can also set the thumnbnail size while in responsive mode.
To do this, open the Thumbnail column settings and in the Responsive mod thumnbnail size field, set the value you need.( by default 150×150)

Responsive mod

Product Images are in the wrong size!

Image size is very complicated in WordPress and can lead to unexpected results.

A few tips:

  • Product images must be in the correct proportion for the image size you select. For example, if product images are square and you set Thumbnail size = “50×40” them, they will still be displayed square
  • If you use the built-in Thumbnail size. (for example, reduced, medium or large), you can check their sizes in the menu “Settings”> “media”.
  • It is possible that the width settings (see above) may override the size of your Thumbnail . For example, if you set a fixed Thumbnail . column width and a specific image size, these options may conflict.
  • If you really want your Thumbnails to have the correct size in the table, you can resize the original Thumbnail s to the desired size.
  • If product images are displayed or displayed with the wrong size or aspect ratio, despite providing the correct settings or Thumbnail . proportions, this can sometimes be due to the image settings of your theme, which override the plug-in settings and lead to cropping of images in the product table. in unexpected sizes. To check this, temporarily switch to a standard WordPress theme (e.g. Twenty Seventeen) and check if the image problem persists. If this is not the case, then review your theme’s settings for its own Thumbnail . or crop size settings. An example of this is the Flatsome theme, which has its own custom image ratio setting.

Still, have questions? Read our detailed documentation or Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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