Category Display and Category Filter

WooCommerce Product Table plugin fully support categories. You can display them as a separate column in the product table.
But the main thing is that Product Table has the built-in filter for category custom , which can be added like a drop-down menu above the table.
You can enable these options in the product table and allow customers filtering the products they’re looking for:

How Can I Create Category?

The Category option allows you to display products based on their category. You can find and create it under Products> Category.

Category Filter Settings

Filter category title .Display as a default option of dropdown filter category.
Hide categories from table .Hide categories column and keep the filter to display. You don’t need to add Categories as a column to make filter available. If you will add Categories as a column manually, it will not be hidden even if “Hide categories from table” is enabled.

Inner table filter. Apply filter by category after clicking the category link in the table column.
Show as: dropdown of multiselect dropdown (If you have chosen   “Multiselect Dropdown”you can enable Logic.Select the filtering conditions “Or” or “And”)
Filter position. You can select the filter position “Before” or “After”
Use only some categories .Show only selected categories in the filter. If you have selected this option you can Select Categories to filtering(For ex. Clothing, Hoodies,Poster,etc).
Include children.Shows categories designed for children.

Use as main filter. Toggle the option if you want the category filter to dynamically affect the content of attribute filters.

Hide products before filtering.Hide all the products in the table until a user defines a search parameter or filter.

Category Filter


Multiselect for Filters

Try filtering by several parameters at once. Read this article to find out more about it.

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