Price Filter Settings

Price Filter

The Price Filter only works with the included Price Column.

Price filter title.Display as a title for a dropdown filter price
Show as:You can choose Dropdown of Multiselect Dropdown
Set range . You can choose Automatically or Manually :

  • If you selected “Automatically” then you can configure the following:

Step .Here you may set the value of prise increase step. The default value is set to 20. All the steps are equal. When setting the step, please note that the number of elements in the list should not exceed 100, otherwise the step setting will be reset and automatically calculated.
-(Min price:___Max price:___)

Price filter

  • If you selected “Manually” then you can configure the following:

Setup range.And just select your ranges

Manualy/Multiple Dropdown Example:

Multiple Dropdown Price filter

Multiselect for Filters

Try filtering by several parameters at once. Read this article to find out more about it.

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