Table Loader

What is a Table Loader? 

Table Loader is a loading indicator that helps the user understand the loading position at any given time, especially when the system is working on a task.Users want to have control over the system they use.
The progress indicator of the task is one of the most popular forms of providing system status for the user.
Immediate response is undoubtedly the best option for any application, but situations where it is not feasible are often possible. (Slow operation of the system may be due to a weak Internet connection, or the operation itself can be complex and take a long time.)
In such cases, in order to reduce user stress, you must confirm to the user that the system is busy working on his task and that there is real progress.
This is a kind of simple but very necessary thing.

 Table Loader

Creative progress indicators can smooth out negative expectations. If the application offers the user something interesting during the download, this allows you to distract him from the fact of expectation.

The Table Loader from the WooCommerce Product Table is provided by default. But if you want, then you can hide it,

-Settings -> Appearance and put the hook “Hide table loader

Also here you can Choose Icon Table Loader and  Table Loader Color.



Can I Add a Custom Icon?

Unfortunately no, you can choose from the list any loader that you like. But if you would like to see this option in the WooCommerce Product Table, then please contact us for an offer.

With the WooCommerce Product Table, you get a user-friendly design that meets any of your requirements. Your sales will be more successful and your customers the happiest.

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