3. WooCommerce Product Table – Full list of options

This is a Full list of features available in the WooCommerce Product Table, with links to complete instructions for each option.

WooCommerce Product Table is a plugin that will help you list your products correctly. An adaptive and effective table of selected products will be created automatically according to your requirements. Add signature, sorting, searching, pagination, and other functions to the product table with one click.
This tutorial will help you find and understand each of our options, follow the link in the name of the option to learn more about it.

Online Table Builder

With live builder, every step is very simple and takes just a minute!
• Adding products is possible in a couple of clicks.
• Easily add products automatically by category multiselection – just choose categories from the drop-down list
• Add the Product Table Features
Take control of your product page, using:
table information (searching, sorting, pagination, print button, multiple and all add to cart, filters)

Auto and Fixed Column Width

The WooCommerce product table will automatically determine the size of your columns for best fit.
Also, you can override this behavior and control
This is a way to increase or decrease the space for specific columns in a table. For example, some people believe that the parameters, the quantity selection button, and the add to cart button are displayed vertically in table one above the other. You can combine them into one row using the width parameter to increase the size of the added column to the cart.

Mobile Screen Width

The plugin comes with several options for controlling the behavior of tables on screens of different sizes, for example on mobile devices and tablets.
The parameters are individually controlled in the shortcode for each product table and are not displayed on the plugin settings page.
Width control, which allows you to hide columns on screens of mobile devices and specify which columns should be hidden on the content tab in the column settings.

Columns Customization

After you have selected and added columns to the table, you can click on the “Pencil” icon to edit the column properties.
All columns have similar settings, some of them have additional properties.
Set the width, hide columns, choose the adaptation of columns to mobile devices, and more.

Borders and Row Striping

Our plugin is fully customizable to your individual style.
You can set and change the boundaries.
Also, enable line rotations and fully customize them
For example – you use a table, but the table’s rows are difficult to separate visually, especially when there are many columns (or multiple lines to a row) – add row striping to a table, it will display rows background in two similar shades of color to alternately.

Table Elements

The appearance of your table is the very label on which the first impression of the store and its products appears. The best way to make a first impression is to use Table Elements and Table Style. High-quality packaging allows you to gain and maintain customer confidence by turning it from a one-time buyer to a regular one.
With the WooCommerce Product Table, you can improve every element of your table.

Variation Dropdown 

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin fully supports variable products. The options can be displayed in the form of drop-down lists along with filters for attributes and categories. This makes the selection of the necessary products incredibly flexible and fast.
The plugin also comes with options such as displaying product thumbnails according to variation. The option “Show thumbnails of options” allows users to exchange different images and see different images of a product variant, all in different colors and styles.
In addition, you can display options as drop-down lists, as separate rows in a table.

4 Responsive Modes

The plugin provides 4 different responsive design modes to suit your needs:
• Answer mode.
• Automatically hide columns.
• Horizontal scrolling.
• Disable function
response. Disable the response function.
Here you can see sample product tables.
• Information table
The product table allows you to build a table according to your needs, add table columns and add any product data.


This feature is useful if you have hundreds of products in a table. Pagination paginates the table and minimizes the table.
By providing customers with fewer products on one page, they more carefully examine the page. The option will speed up download time and optimize your online store, make it faster.
All you have to do is enable the pagination feature, which provides users with better website navigation and usability.

Search and Sort

The search field in the Product table is located above the table (top right). Here, customers can instantly filter the table by product with a specific keyword or search query.

The Sorting.The product table allows you to sort data rows on the external interface and display the data in the exact order. You can find the indicators at the top of the column.

Filter by global search URL parameters. The tables content will be filtered by `s` parameter from the url.

Drag and Drop Custom Fronted Sorting

Select the check box if you want to add sorting by dragging and dropping from the preview of the administrator table into the web interface.

Print Button

People can easily print an order form using the option “print which is included in their browser. However, you can help your less tech savvy customers by adding the convenient “Print” button on the print order page.

CSS Editor

CSS is responsible for the style of elements on a web page. It controls the color and size of text, headings, background colors, spacing, etc.

• Usage Statistics

You can enable this option in the Plugin Settings to help improve our plugin.
This option sends us data on how the user uses the plug-in, in order to study statistics and type of improvement of functionality
This will help us make our solution better for you.

full list of options WooCommerce Product Table

Thumbnail Size

In the product table, you can display an image of your product.
It will be shown in the Thumbnail column.
You can enable/hide this column in your table, fully customize size and display, which will help optimize your store for you and your customers.


This will help you easily make your table more stylish and attractive to your customers. It would seem an almost imperceptible action, but visually it will be very cool and comfortable to look at. You can turn on the backlight when you: hover your mouse; Select the order column (if it is enabled, the selected column will be highlighted)

Table Loader

Table Loader is a loading indicator (table) that helps the user understand the loading position at any given time, especially when the system is working on a task.
Visibility of the system state is one of the main characteristics of the user interface. Users want to have control over the system they use.

• Preview

Any changes you make when creating the table will be displayed in the preview window, and you can check how the table looks on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Text Overwriting

Using the WooCommerce Product Table, you have all the necessary options in one plugin. Use the Text Overwriting option and give your table a beautiful and convenient look.
In the settings section “Language and Text” you can rewrite the text of almost any element of the table.

Add to Cart Button

The WooCommerce Product Table comes with a “Add to Cart” button, as well as “Add Selected to Cart”, “Add All to Cart” options and an option to display or hide quantities entered.
All you need to do is go to “Manage Table Columns” on the “Content” tab and add the “Buy” property to the table.

Hide Quantity Input

By default, the table displays the Add to Cart column with a quantity selector.
You can change this by selecting the Hide quantity check box on the settings page of the product table.
This will hide the quantity field next to the Add to Cart button.

Display Private Products

Privatize your online store by giving registered users access to your online store, a feature has been added to the Private Store for WooCommerce that forces guest customers to log in / register to view private products, product categories, product tags and pages. If you have private products in the store, you can also display them in the WooCommerce product table.

Stock Status Settings

The Stock Status column will contain either the basic stock status (for example, “In stock” or “Out of stock”) or the exact stock level. This is controlled in the main settings of WooCommerce – WooCommerce> Settings> Products> Inventory. On this page you can indicate whether you want to show the general condition of the product or the exact quantity of the product for each product.

Search by Columns

The WooCommerce Product Table contains a wide variety of features and options. For example, you can search not only by Searching all the properties of the product table, but you can also search by columns.

Product Description Length

You can change the length of the description shown in the table. And also determine how many characters will be displayed in the product table.

Take Full Advantage of Connecting PRO Version
(try PRO before you buy)

Attribute Column and Attribute Filter

This information is about the product’s properties, size, color, field, etc. Add them to each product and provide additional data so that customers can search for products by category and attribute.
Turn on the attribute filter and select the attribute that will be sorted: size, color, or any other attribute. The category filter works for all categories that have been added to the products, for example, gender, product type, design, etc. Filters work only with the included category and attribute columns.
With filters for your customers and complete control for you, this is a must-have feature for any WooCommerce online store. After these simple settings, your customers can filter by attributes and all categories and find exactly what they are looking for!

 Multiple Add to Cart and Add All to Cart

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin lists products in a table with an optional column to add to the cart. There are several options for controlling how the Add to Cart buttons appear in the table. You can select buttons or flags, show or hide the quantity selector, and whether it is worth updating the page after adding products to the basket. Or, if you want, you can completely remove the “add to cart” column and list your products without purchase options.

The First Variation as Default

One of the settings is to display the first option in the selected form.
By default, products are displayed with a drop-down list of options so that users can select.
But If you enable Show first variation as default – the first variation will be selected straight away.

•Hide View Cart Link

With WooCommerce Product Table, you can customize any table element to your unique style.
For example, after adding the Buy column, which contains the Add to Cart button.
By default, along with the add to basket button, the “view basket” button will be added
But if you wish, you can hide it in the settings of the product table.

Category Filter

Now, if you want customers to be able to find products by category, add drop-down menus above the table. This can be done by checking the “Category Filter” checkbox on the settings page of the “Product” table on the “Functions” tab.
(Only works with category column enabled)

• Table Loader Icon and Color

You can select the “Loader Icon” (standard or another from the list), and also select “Table Loader Color” (any color palette).

Tag Filter

Allows your customers to filter by tags and find exactly what they are looking for!
The tag filter works for all tags that have been added to products. You can set the headers of the tag filter, Hide tags from the table, Show the drop-down tag filter as the default parameter, Show only selected tags in the filter

Hide Searching Properties from Table

In some cases, to improve search results, it becomes necessary to exclude certain columns from the search.
This can be done by going to the settings of the desired column and selecting the Disable search in this column check box.

Price Filter

The price filter only works with the included price column. Here you can set the range – for manual settings, click the “Settings” button and adjust the price range parameters. You can increase or decrease the number of steps and set different values ​​for each step. You can also set a minimum and maximum price.

Add Products Automatically

If you add products in this way, you do not need to edit the table in the future by adding new products. All new products that you add to your store will be automatically added to the table according to the selected category.

Custom Taxonomy Filter

Using taxonomies, you can store and display additional product data. Thus, they are designed to store reusable information that can be used to group and filter products. Display filters for custom taxonomy (created using post-type user interfaces and ACF plugins)
The taxonomy filter works for all taxonomies that have been added to products. You can set the headers of the taxonomic filter, Hide the taxonomy from the table, Show as the default parameter for the drop-down taxonomy filter, Show only the selected taxonomy in the filter.

Advanced Custom Field Compatibility

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin is fully compatible with Advanced Custom Fields (ACFs). You can create custom fields for your products and display them as columns in a table.
Custom fields are a great opportunity to add any necessary information about your products. Add additional data that cannot be added to any of the fields that come with WooCommerce by default.

Multiselect for Filters

Customers can filter by attributes, tags, price, categories. With the multi-select filter, customers can filter by several parameters at the same time, which allows them to find exactly what they are looking for!

Custom Post Type UI Compatibility

This free plugin allows you to create a taxonomy and assign it to WooCommerce products or any other type of publication. Once you have created your own taxonomy, it will be displayed on the product page with a field for each taxonomy term. You can add a taxonomy term in the same way as adding categories, and easily display it in the product table.

Measurement Price Calculator Compatibility

WooCommerce Product Table is one of the few plugins that is compatible with the Measurement Price Calculator.
This is a plugin thanks to which you can sell objects at a price per unit or allow customers to add their own quantities using the measurement price calculator.

Custom Table Styles and Design

With the WooCommerce product table, you can make the table more attractive and informative. We offer all the necessary options to best customize the look of the table.

Buy Button Design

Choose your own styles for the Add to Cart button. Any settings you leave blank will be the default.

Make Your Store More Stylish with the WooCommerce Product Table

Use all the advantages of our plugin, customizing every element of your table.
Change and improve the look of the product table so that your store is beautiful and convenient for all your customers.
Do you have any questions? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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