Variable products and settings

WooCommerce Product Table plugin fully supports variable products. You can display variations as dropdown lists, together with attribute and category filters. It makes the selection of the necessary products incredibly flexible and fast.

Also, the plugin comes with such options as displaying the thumbnails of the product according to the variation. “Show variation thumbnails” option allows users to swap different images and see different images of a product variation all in different colour and style.

Moreover, you can either display variations as dropdown lists, as separate rows in the table.

In order to display Variable products with images according to the attribute, you need:

  1. Each product should be listed as a WooCommerce product.
  2. Set the product attributes in Products – Attributes section:woocommerce attributes
  3. Add the information to Add new attribute. Set a name (f.e. colour), a slug and press the Add attribute button. The new attribute will be added to the list.
  4. Now, if you open a product, move down to the Product data section, and change Product data to Variable product.
  5. Click on the Attributes tab, and select a new attribute from the drop-down list in Values:
  6. Enable “Use for variation” for the attribute you want to use for product variations and be available to select in a table. Save the settings.
  7. Move to the Variations tab and create variations from selected or all attributes.
  8. Add price for every variation.
  9.  Add the image to the variation and other data. Save changes. 
  10. Add the variable products to the table.
    •  Also, if you click  “show variations” – all the variations will be displayed separately and available to add one by one to the table:  
  11. Set the Table Columns. Buy columns is required. 
  12. Move to the Features tab and enable “Show variation thumbnails” 
  13. Make other settings and save the table.
  14. Add a Product Table to a page.
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