Add to cart button and variations

Product Table gives you all the control which information to show in the product table.

WooCommerce Product Table comes with Add to cart button, plus options of Add selected to cartAdd all to cart .

Firstly, everything that you need to do, move to “Select properties to add to the table” in the Content Tab and add “Buy” property to the table.


Buy Column


Table with Add selected card and Add all to a cart

In order to add features move to Feature Tab.

 Feature Tab

Add selected to cart . Multiple add to cart selected products .As a result, customers can select a number of necessary products and add everything in cart in one go.
If you added a button “add selected to cart” you can also select Checkboxes position: First or Last Column .
*Last column does not work in Responsive mode and Automatic column hiding mode with Server-side Processing.
Add all to cart.  This button allows your customers to add all the products in the table to the shopping cart.
Min/Max bunch add to cart. Regulate min/max bunch add to cart.

Show message after put product to cart

Standard visuals prevent the user from knowing what to do next.

Practice shows that pop-ups with an offer to place an order or continue shopping do a good job with this task.

Go to Settings / Features to enable this option enable “Show message after put product to cart” option

Popup position .Here you can also choose where to display the popup with a message about adding to the cart.

Popup position

 Hide view card link

By default, the plugin comes with a View Cart link, but you can choose not to display it.

To do this, go to Settings / Features and select the Hide view cart link option .

After adding the product, this link will not appear:

Product Table with hidden quantity input

Explore this article to learn more about how to Hide quantity input at the buy button

Added cart button to Thumbnail column

You can put a buy button right below the picture of your product. To do this, go to the plugin menu->Content-> go to the “Thumbnail” column settings and check the Added cart button option. Save your changes.

Now there will be a button below the product image, which you can customize in the same way as the button in the “Buy” column.

Add to cart button design

Explore this article to learn how to style and customize your Add to Cart button

Still, have questions? Read our detailed documentation or Contact us and we will be happy to help you.
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