How to Improve your Sales Conversion Rate?

June 23, 2022

It’s good to be the owner of a successful online shop. Orders are dripping, managers process everything and the goods leave the warehouses on time. Perfect picture, right? But you need to do lots of things to achieve such results. We hope that our list will help you improve your profitability and business performance.

Write Personalized Product Descriptions

descriptionVisual content matters a lot, but don’t forget text. The product description tells a story. Just like a good TV commercial gets you to buy something, a good product description builds emotion and trust. Use descriptions to tell potential customers:

  • how the product looks 
  • how it smells
  • how much does it weigh and how does it feel to the touch
  • other details that cannot be extracted from the image

An effective description sells benefits, not features. Of course, you should not compose a poem, but it allows you to convey to the user the value of your product, to show situations in which you cannot do without it. Don’t be afraid to write long texts. If the beginning catches the attention, the customer will read to the end. But it is better to make two versions of the description: short and full.

So, your task is to write selling text and the WooCommerce Product Table plugin will handle the rest. It allows pulling put the product details in attractive ways so you’ll be sure about the visual part. 

Optimize the Payment Section

checkoutAn inconvenient or incomprehensible checkout section is one of the reasons customers leave the shop. Here are some tips on how to make paying in your online shop easy:

  • Let all the necessary information and the data entry form be located on one page. Firstly, it’s just convenient, and secondly, the user will immediately see what is required to be filled.
  • Ask for the bare minimum information that is necessary.
  • Shorten the payment process as much as possible. You should not ask the user to register in your account. 
  • Set up as many payment methods as possible. 

Create  Eye-Catching and User-Friendly Design 

User-FriendlyYou won’t sell anything if users simply can’t find what they need. Navigation is often the first thing customers notice when they come to you for something specific. Difficult navigation can cost you a lot of lost customers. For example, the Product Table plugin provides an opportunity to use pagination if you have a very wide range, which is divided into categories and subcategories. 

To test how user-friendly your shop is, go through the customer journey to purchase yourself. Then you will know how easy it is to place an order. It will become clear what to change and what to add.

Set Up a Convenient Search Through the Products

Sample Customers don’t have much time searching via the website for the needed items. According to a study by the Online Marketing Institute, 85% of potential customers leave the shop because of poor design, and 83% leave because there are too many steps to take before they can find what they need. If you want to increase conversion, make sure you set up easy navigation and site search. 

For example, in the Product Table plugin except for the convenient products showcasing, you can use built-in filter functionality by category, tags, price, attribute, custom taxonomy, etc. This feature is especially relevant for online clothing and electronics shops. The user can specify through a special interface what kind of thing is needed, material, and desired color. This possibility significantly shortens the way to the completion of the order. Here’s a good example.

Provide Gifts and Discounts

DiscountHave you ever considered promotional codes and coupons as a way to quickly increase a profit? In fact, they have a great effect on conversion. The main thing is to plan the budget in such a way that you can afford to give discounts. The method works especially effectively on the eve of the holidays when users are looking for gifts for loved ones. Offer discounts, gifts, organize raffles.

In addition to special offers for the occasion, create a section with discounts and do not forget to update it. Customers will check the section no matter what they want to buy. It will always grab attention. By the way, the Product Table plugin has the functionality of adding the sales data to the products. So the customers will know when the offers end.

Don’t Forget About Contact Us

Contact usTo increase conversions, you need to organize a support team so that a customer won’t feel the difference between offline and online shopping. The contact page must have several communication channels: phone, email, social networks. Live chat allows users to get an immediate response without leaving the product page. The marketing agency Econsultancy has calculated that customers who use the chat on the site demonstrate the highest level of loyalty. The secret is simple: the user gets answers to questions while staying on the site. 


This list is endless actually, but those are these key points to increase the conversion of an online shop that will always come in handy for both a start-up business and those whose website has been working for a long time and brings a stable profit.

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