2. Create Your First Product Table

Once you have installed the WooCommerce Product Table plugin and selected the default settings, it’s time to start creating product tables.Due to the wide functionality of our plugin, this does not require any special knowledge in programming.
Creating tables with the WooBeWoo plugin is very simple and interesting.

Add New Table

To create your first product table, open the WooCommerce Product Table and select Add New Table.

Create your first product table

Create New Table

Next, after you clicked add a new table. You will automatically be sent to create your table.

Here you can customize the contents of your table.
Enter a name for your table to easily find it from your many tables.

Also thanks to Live Builder, you can select products by:

Create your first product table with Woo Product Table :

Create your first product table

Adding Products to the Table

When you have selected all the parameters by which you want to find products, you will see a list of suitable products for your parameters.
Next you can:

  • Select each product manually. Just click on the product checkbox to add the product to the table.
  • You can also click on “Select All” to add all products according to your chosen parameters.
  • Click “Select None.” If you want to cancel the selected products, and display the table empty.

Create your first product table

After selecting the products, click Create Table

If you have tons of products, it could be a challenge to search the specific products for adding. To simplify the process of adding the products to the table, in the plugin there is an option to search the products by SKU.

As you can see, everything is very simple, now you will see your product table with the products you have selected.

Displays the user’s products

At the bottom of the list of products, there is an option named Displays the user’s products. Check it on if you want a table to list the products, that the logged-in user has already bought.

Display user's products

Add products automatically

One more way to easily add products automatically (pro) by category multiselection – just choose categories from the drop-down list. All the new products you will add to your shop will be automatically added to the table according to the selected category. All the new products you will add to your shop will be automatically added to the table according to the selected category.

Create your first product table

Add products variations automatically

Instead of manually adding each variation, you can enable this option and all product variations are automatically added to the table as individual products.

Add products variations automatically

To enable this option, click on the checkbox and in the drop-down list select the variations of which particular product you want to add to the table. The variations will then appear in the table as separate products.

Add products variations automatically

Except for automatically adding products to the table, they can be dynamically deleted. For example, if you delete a category from a product, it is removed from the table that has auto-update products from this category.

Filter products dynamically based on page type

If you enable the option on the page of a specific term, the products will be filtered from this specific term. For example, on the particular tag page, the products of this tag will be shown, on the attribute page will be displayed only the products assigned to the attribute, and so on.

Filter products dynamically

Product Table Columns

Product table allows you to build a table according to your needs.
Our WooCommerce Product Table plugin lists your products in a table with columns of information about each product. You can use the columns option to choose which columns to include in the table.
The plugin fully supports:

  • Thumbnails
  • Name
  • Featured
  • SKU
  • Categories
  • Attributes
  • Summary
  • Rating
  • Stock status
  • Date
  • Price
  • Buy
  • Short description
  • Sales
  • Downloads
  • Sale Price dates
  • Product link
  • Tags
  • Custom fields

Read this documentation to learn more about the available columns

Add Product Table to the site content

There are 2 different ways to add a table to your site using code: table shortcode and table PHP code.

Table shortcode can be found on the left navigation menu if you click “Show All Tables”.

Or you can also find shortcodes in the table settings in the top left of the panel. Simply choose a necessary code from the drop-down menu and copy the code.


Copy Table shortcode and paste into the page content.  PHP code can be inserted at any place of the page code.

Look at all the Examples of the WooCommerce Product Table.

Our Detailed Documentation

As you can see with our plugin, you do not need to worry about the technical component of your table.

Just choose the parameters of your preferences, and the WooCommerce Product Table will do everything for you.

Check out our detailed documentation.

It will help you figure out how to use the plugin as efficiently as possible. Make the product table interface stylish and convenient.

Delight your customers with new solutions with WooBeWoo plugins.

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