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July 28, 2022

A regular online shop usually stores thousands of items and products. Being such a shop owner, you have to assist your customer to find the needed goods for being. Otherwise, customers will switch to another shop dues to the endless list of products variants.  That is why a product filter comes in handy. Let’s find out the most common parameters for filtering in the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin. 

Price Filter for Online Shop

Price is an important part of any shop. The statistics show that 80% of all customers filter products by price. Usually, a customer has a budget so that the first he/she filters by price and only after that select the other available parameters.  Recent research made on test websites reveals that users expect price filters to be available and are confused and disoriented when they aren’t. Price, therefore, is a key factor in the decision to purchase. 

WooCommerce Product Filter plugin allows adding either Price filterPrice

Or Price Range filterPrice range

Both of them have lots of customization settings. For the Price filter, you can set the skin and for the Price Range, you can set either checkbox or dropdown. Besides, you can select whether to show the currency as a symbol or code, set tax rates, show currency in slide, set min/max values manually, and so on. 

Why Use Product Filter by Category in WooCommerce?

How many times have you visited an online shop spending time clicking backward to find what you’re looking for? Category filter is an essential part of the shop because if customers can’t filter through products they can’t find the product they’re looking for quickly enough. The presence of filters by categories boosts customer satisfaction by providing a better user experience. Category sample

Category filter created by the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin is a great solution for your shop. You can fully control its appearance on the page. It can be shown as dropdown, checkboxes, radio buttons, text, buttons. You can find more about the customization settings in the detailed documentationCategory filter

Why Use Tags Filter?

As you probably already know, categories are the major “buckets” you drop your products into. For example, if you sell a wide variety of cell phones, you might have categories for different manufacturers.

Product tags, on the other hand, are the smaller classification options. For example, if there are Xiaomi phones in your shop, they might have five different sizes, or colors. You would use product tags to distinguish that an item is a 4×6 size and a white color.  Though often overlooked, WooCommerce product tags offer a small, yet necessary, opportunity for your shop. 

With the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin, you can add tags filtration to your shop very easily. As well as with categories filter, it is easy to set up. Tags

User Rating Filter 

It’s a big mistake of many shop owners to ignore ratings on the website. The research shows that 45% of users go shopping online because of the opportunity to see others’ reviews and ratings. Besides, many customers rely on ratings as a proxy for “good quality/value for money”. rating sample

So if you put a rating filter on your shop, you surely gain trust from many users. That’s is the reason why the Product Filter plugin allows creating a Rating filter without any need to look for a third-party solution. rating

Color Filter 

You probably know that our brain is easier to perceive information visually. Therefore, if you add a color filter by color, you can get more customers. Color is a common product variation on sites in many industries such as fields as clothes, furniture, electronics, etc. Color sample

WooCommerce Product Filter plugin allows creating the color filter easily. To do you need to add colors as attributes and that’s it. While creating the filter you have an opportunity to set the colors for each parameter. There is also a bicolor option available. Colors

Creating Size Filter for WooCommerce Products 

Having an opportunity to filter by size is essential so that users can quickly exclude products that are completely unsuitable and instead focus on variants that match their preferences. For example, the user will leave your shop if it’s difficult to find a T-shirt suitable size or check the parameters of the fridge. Even though size filter is important for almost any field of selling, some shop owners ignore putting size filtration in the shop. Size sample

To add a filter by size with the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin, you need to create the sizes as attributes. All you need to do is to select Attribute from the dropdown and that’s it. The way how it’s gonna look is fully controlled by you. Size

Brand Filter 

Many users are very brand-conscious, being heavily inclined towards favorites in industries from apparel to electronics. Some prefer only Samsung items and others trust only Xiaomi. That is why it’s needed to allow the users to save time by adding brands filtration.   Brand sample

Add the Brands filter with the help of the Product filter plugin in a few clicks. As with other filter parameters, you can customize it according to your needs. 

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