WooCommerce Product Filter Pro Vs Free: What’s the Difference?

July 28, 2022

Even though Product Filter’s Free version offers lots of customization possibilities, the Pro version, however, empowers you with more professional tools that significantly speed up your workflow. Here is the detailed list of all features of Free and Pro versions.  If you, however, want a short point summary of why you should upgrade to Pro today, here are the main points:

  • The Pro version lets you customize the appearance of the filter. With Product Filter Pro you can change the button, filter, titles, and so on. Custom Styles are very important if you have a particular topic for your website. So if you are thinking about whether it’s worth upgrading to Pro – the answer is YES.
  • Import/Export. Upgrading to the Pro version opens such useful features as importation and exportation. They’re extremely useful options for any online shop.
  • Extra option for each filter. E.g. while creating a Product Category filter Pro version allows set category images for every category. You can also set the tax rates for the Price filter if you decide on the Pro version. 

Here is the plugin main settings list of Free and Pro features available in the Product Filter:

Start indexing product parameters
Automatic calculation after editing products
Start indexing on a schedule
Send usage statistics
Set number of displayed products
Move Sidebar To Top For Mobile
Display a message about not found products
Generate HTML based on WCAG standards
Enable filter icon on load
Filter Loader Color
Filter Loader Icon
Multiple Dropdown selected title
Hide products without price

Still, have doubts about upgrading to the Pro version? Let’s continue with the Main option settings available in Pro:

Display On Pages
Display On Pages Apply For Shortcode
Redirect After Filter Selection
Open Filters One By One
Display Filter On
Force Show Only Current Filter On Page
Set Mobile/Desktop Breakpoint
Hide Filter On Shop Pages Without Products
Set Number Of Displayed Products
Set Number Of Products Per Row
Enable Ajax

Let’s compare the Button section in the options page settings:

Filter Activation Type
Show Clear All Button
Select Filter Buttons Position
Select Filter Buttons Order
Display Hide Filters Button

Here is how the Free and Pro versions differ on the Content settings page:

Always Filtering By All Products
Show Clear Block
Recount Products By Selected Filter
Recount Min/Max Price By Selected Filter
Show Parameters Without Products As Disabled
Sort By Title After Filtering
Checked Items To The Top
Checked Items In Bold
Set No Products Found Text
Filtering By Variations Attributes
Display “Show More”
Display Selected Parameters Of Filters
Autoscroll To Products After Filtering
If One Filter Block Is Open, Other Blocks Are Closed
Show Category Slugs In URL Instead Of IDs
Hide Filter By Title Click
Use Filter Titles As Slugs For The Filter Clear Buttons
Filtering Of Categories List
Apply Parameters From The Address Bar To Display Filter Items
Multiblock Taxonomy Logic
Enable third-party prefilter

Go on with the Loader options section:

Enable Filter Icon On Load
Apply loader settings to all filters
Filter Loader Icon
Enable Overlay


As you can see Free version is pretty enough for creating a stunning filtering menu for your website. However, if you need extended settings such as full control on the appearance or specific settings for some of the filters, then you’ll surely have to switch to the Pro version to receive them all.

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