Create Your First Product Filter

Once you have installed the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin and selected the default settings, it’s time to start creating a product filter.
This is an ideal way to make the purchase process really simple and enjoyable for users of your site without any special coding knowledge.
This tutorial will help you get started with the Plugin and create your first product filter.

Add New Filter

Add new filter

After clicking on “Add New Filter”, a window will appear for entering the name of your new filter.Enter filter name


After entering the name, click save, and start creating your filter.

Create Product Filter

With WooCommerce Product Filter you can Filter by price, categories, tags and attributes, enable or disable ajax search, use extensive sorting options and adjust the price range precisely.

Create a filter based on your personal needs. You can add any number of filters, and customize them to your individual style.
In order to add a filter, simply check the box .

Create filters

You can see all the changes in the live preview.

Filter Options

With our plugin, your customers can filter your products by any criteria. You can also customize each filter to your preference.

To configure filter options, click “Show Options” and select the options you need:

Show option

Check out the detailed documentation for setting options for each filter:

Drag and drop filters

Upgrade your store using the WooCommerce Product Filter functionality.
You can sort your filters and arrange them in any order.

Arrange filters by dragging and dropping the online builder.Arrange filters


Our Detailed Documentation

As you can see with our plugin, you do not need to worry about the technical component of your Product Filter.

Just choose the parameters of your preferences, and the WooCommerce Product Filter will do everything for you.

Check out our detailed documentation.

It will help you figure out how to use the plugin as efficiently as possible. Make the Product Filter interface stylish and convenient.

Delight your customers with new solutions with WooBeWoo plugins.

Or contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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