How do I create a dropdown filter?

Drop-down is one of the standard input fields in the Input Form Design Toolbox.
On the surface, a dropdown seems like a great way to get information from the user. It can include from one to an unlimited number of options, is compact and is part of the standard user interface for web and mobile versions of sites. Need a way to collect information from users without entering data? The dropdown will help you

What filters to display as a drop-down list?

This is a great way to display, for example, WooCommerce product categories in a dropdown list. With the Woocommerce Product Filter by WooBeWoo plugin, there is a way to add dropdown filters to your store. You can apply the dropdown to the following filters:

Customers can filter all products and quickly select a product item from the dropdown list.

How do I create a dropdown filter?

Let’s consider an example of a drop-down list using the example of a category filter, and then, by analogy, you can also add to the rest.

Step 1. Add the required filter.

First, select a category filter and click add.

Add the required filter.

Step 2 Choose a display method.

In the Show Frontend as field, select how to display your filter elements.

Select Dropdown (single list) for a dropdown list with a single choice, or Multiple Dropdown for a dropdown list with multi-choice.

Choose a display method.

Step 3 Configuring dropdown options

To make your list truly effective, the next step is to correctly configure its options.

  • Use the default word, or enter your own in the dropdown label field
  • Specify the sort order of the dropdown list items in the “order by” field
  • Specify the number of displayed items of the drop-down list in the field “show count”
  • And we also recommend reading this article for more of our tips for using the dropdown list.

Configuring dropdown options

As you can see, managing the Woocommerce Product Filter plugin is very simple. Using this plugin you just need to click on the “Show frontend as” option in the filter editor menu and select the way you want to display the product filter, in our example, the dropdown list.

Still have questions? Read our detailed documentation or Contact us and we will be happy to help you

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