The Best Product Table for Products Showcasing

April 19, 2022

We all agree that selling online is not an easy task. There are too many factors to consider in the rapidly changing Internet environment. Even for an experienced entrepreneur, it is difficult to achieve additional sales. It turns out that you can easily turn your WooCommerce shop into a successful one using the right tools. Among them, there is the WooCommerce Product Table that will completely change the way you do business.

WooCommerce Product Table

Before we dive into the list of options of the plugin, let’s talk a little about the product list. What is it and why is it needed? In one line, WooCommerce Product Table is a great WordPress plugin to help you create amazing product tables. Below is an example of a product table that you can create with the plugin. Products list

The standard way WooCommerce offers to put products on the page is no longer suitable. It scares away customers and reduces your sales. The WooCommerce Product Table plugin offers a modern way to display products. The product table you create with the Product Table plugin has many options for showcasing your products in compelling ways. It provides you with the needed options to create user-friendly and stunning tables thus optimizing the customer journey from start to finish. What’s even more, it’s easy to set up and use, so you don’t need to remember the shortcodes to put the products on the page. The shortcode is generated automatically when you are creating the table, so all you have to do is to copy and paste the shortcode on the page. Let’s check the options that make the plugin stand out among the others.


responsiveWe live in an era of mobile devices. When almost all actions can be done from the phone. Your customers spend a lot of time with their mobile devices, which means you need a fully responsive shop that fits all types of devices. The WooCommerce Product Table plugin is 100% responsive, which means your product tables will look great and perform well no matter what device is used. In addition, you can choose the exact responsive mode from the 4 available in the settings. 

Media in the Product Table

MediaTraditional product tables are very limited in terms of displaying multimedia content. The WooCommerce Product Table plugin does not have the same limitation. You can embed audio, video, and multimedia playlists to promote your products directly from the product grid.

Filtering and Sorting

search and filterWouldn’t it be nice if your customers could search and filter products without opening extra pages? With the WooCommerce Product Table plugin, there is no need to install any additional plugin for filtering, searching, or sorting. The plugin comes with built-in functionality for creating a filtering menu. The products can be filtered by price or any other custom attribute. Besides, you can add an instant search box to your product tables so that your customers can search for products by keyword. 

Performance Optimization

The WooCommerce Product Table plugin is well-coded to load quickly and efficiently, minimizing the load on your server. There is a server-side processing option that is recommended for large tables that cannot be processed in the usual way. The table will be loaded ajax sequentially for each page, all filtering, ordering, and search conditions are also implemented on the server-side. 

Compatible with Any Theme

WP themesDo you already have a favorite WordPress theme? Well, the WooCommerce Product Table plugin has been professionally designed to work great with just about any theme. This makes it a great choice to complement any WooCommerce theme or page builder. And if you have a problem, you can always contact the support team that will be happy to help with any issues.

How to Install the WooCommerce Product Table Plugin

installLike any other WordPress plugins, it can be installed via Plugins >> Add New. After the installation process is completed you’ll get the Product Tables tab in your WP Dashboard. 

Creating a Product Table

In order to create your first product table, you can go to the Products Table >> Add New Table and then the settings page will be opened. You can check our detailed guide to find out how to work with the product tables. 

ShortcodeTo add a product table to any page or post, you can just copy and paste the automatically generated shortcode.

Final Thoughts 

WooCommerce Product Table is a great plugin that allows creating product tables effortlessly. Furthermore, it makes it easier for customers to find and select the products they are looking for. This is a really great addition to any WooCommerce shop. With so many options, there is no limit to this product table plugin. It’s easy to use and intuitive. And with plenty of style options, you can create product tables the way you like.

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